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"Cosmic State"

A very late upload. Ive been out of tumblr for a while.

I made this during that horrid week when news broke out that Nick was taking LoK off the air. I understand that things got a little brutal but damn it broke my heart what they did.

I thought that Korra’s spirit alone could become the spiritual titan, what more if combined with Raava. (/*O*\)

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the thirst for korra at nycc is strong.

i would also love to hug all the korra peeps that will be there. XD SO IF YOU’RE GIVING, PLEASE TELL ME SO I CAN GET A HUG FROM A FAB PERSON

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The cake topper from my wedding this past weekend. With a little tribute to #aang.

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the thirst for korra at nycc is strong.
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We couldn’t wait any longer, the very first clip from Book 4 is HERE!!!

PS: You’re all amazing

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i can’t tell if this is just an animation thing, but i doubt bryke and studio mir would just forget this. my bby lost muscle mass.

and it hits me how much trauma she’s experienced.

and i feel as if it’s really underrated, but how much do you think her arms helped define who she really was?

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my headcanon is that korra cuts off her hair while at the SWT and comes back to republic city and mako, bolin, and asami are all standing there.

staring at her.

with loins a’firin’.

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so, it’s commentary time. and i’ll keep this brief because i’m sure that other people will add to this as time goes on. CAN I JUST GET A WRETCHED SOUND AT THE WAY KORRA LOOKS? this is right after everyone is telling her that they’ll miss her. understandable that everyone wants korra to recuperate and get back on her feet and being at home is going to make that recovery process faster (or so everyone thinks). and this goes back to what everyone has said about the world being able to keep its balance without the avatar. korra’s face just makes me do the ugly crying face because it’s what’s happening. things are being kept in the balance while she’s gone. i know that no one means that she isn’t needed, but how the hell can she think about anything else? she’s gone through amon, unalaq, vaatu, and zaheer in a matter of months, right? and then everyone’s all BON VOYAGE, BABE! with sweet sentiments of course. and you see korra wave with a smile because she wants the last thing they see to be her smile and her looking somewhat happy at going home with her parents. but she’s leaving behind her second home - her friends, her role in republic city.

and i just want to punch myself in the face because it would hurt less than seeing korra this way.

p.s. i’m sure this leads to her swiping off that hair like HONOR.

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Anonymous asked: do you have a fanfiction account

We do!  But Kristen got super lazy and hasn’t been adding our new fics (and our old ones), but it is here.  Hopefully I will put in the effort to get more of them on there.  Until then, you can always go through the tagged/fanfiction on this site!

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Anonymous asked: hey there! I hope this doesn't bother you but how do you sharpen your gifs? or do you have a good action to recommend me, bc your gifs always look beautiful<3

We actually hardly ever use sharpen on our gifs, sorry!  There are some actions that are floating, so here’s one that seems nice.  Sorry we can’t be of more help. =[[

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Hey Korra Nation, BIG NEWS!!!


So what’re you waiting for? Let’s do this!!!

Looks like you hit the target!